What is a Consolidation?

Consolidations replace existing debt or advances with new, smarter debt in order to manage your payments to high-interest lenders, either through paying off your funders that you’re paying daily for monthly payments or a Line of Credit with collateral, or lowering your daily payments and freeing up cash-flow.

While a merchant cash advance is a an easy way to get capital without collateral—many merchants can become over-leveraged. Using collateral as a way to change your payment schedule is the best way to rearrange your needs. Real estate, A/R, M&E are some of the top options available. There are also many other creative ways to deploy loans to lighten the burden of daily payments.

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Features of Consolidation

A loan consolidation very often is the way to free up working capital from over-leveraged clients.

We have creative solutions for all type of businesses who have been “sold” on the idea of a cash advance as the ideal way to make their company grow.  We have done everything from adding a $35,000 5-year term loan to pay off cash advances, to reverting factors to a line of credit and traditional loan, or even using real estate as collateral to generate a line of credit.

In many situations, it’s adding debt onto debt, but very often since we have extended the term to years, not months, it makes perfect sense for our clients to take a soft landing from a large surge in funding.

Maximum Cash In Hand

Depending on the collateral, there is no maximum.

Loan Terms

– Terms loans up to 10 years
– Lines of Credit at Interest-only
– Real estate loans up to 30 years amorization

Cost to Capital

Completely depends on the type of financing. The best rates are near 5.50%.


2 days for some programs, up to 90 days for others


Will require adding debt, which needs collateral or very expensive money

Collateral deals will require a more lengthy underwriting then Cash Advance financing

Not many


There are many ways

Frees up cash-flow for working capital


Longer terms, Often are better rates

What Do I Need to Qualify?

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