About Invoice Financing

With the various forms of account receivable financing you get advanced based on your outstanding invoices right away, rather than waiting 90 days. Use your invoices as collateral for a line of credit – invoices for work done to credit-worthy institutions is one of the best assets a business can have.

With Accounts Receivables financing, your business borrows money, simply by collateralizing your business’ outstanding invoices — payroll can be paid on time, buy extra equipment, expand and add locations.

With Invoice Factoring, you could get immediate advances of approximately 85% of the value of your invoices (either all or some), with most of the rest of the 15% paid to you later (minus fees). It’s the perfect solution to cover for late-paying customers or cash flow slowdowns.  No monthly payments so that you can keep focused on growth, and not cashing dollars to pay your monthly debt.

An “Asset-Based Loan” is the Golden Goose for its flexibility, since it won’t require you to utilize your entire line at any given time.  This can be accomplished either with extra collateral, or with the right lender.

A Non-Notification Line of Credit is available for non-construction-related industries who are invoices over $1mm/year, with Yearly APR in of 10-14%.

We love Truckers, Contractors and Sub-contractors, Staffing, Tree Trimming, and any other B2B or B2G business!

Is It for Me?

If you’re already using your invoices as a financial instrument, you are probably not using it to it fullest potential.  Completed invoices, especially from credit-worthy clients, is one of the hottest collateral on the market.

Even if the interest rates are higher than a term loan, the nature of invoices are better than a term loan, since invoices financing is revolving in nature, and as long as you have invoices, you have a line of credit to draw from, and it’s an easier process to qualify for.

We have found that most clients prefer invoice factoring to term loans, since term loans are locked in, and after the money is used, the working capital is all dried up.  Term loans are only for specific business purposes like equipment or furniture or computer upgrades.  For working capital, a higher-interest revolving is almost always better than a low-interest term loan.

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Features of Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing has most of the the beautiful features of a revolving line of credit

Maximum Cash In Hand

– 95% of Unpaid Invoices Advanced
– Revolving Lines of Credit up to 80% of your monthly billing
– $10,000 – $50,000,000

Loan Terms

For Invoice Factoring, after your customer pays their invoice, you receive the reserve amount, minus fees
Loans and true Lines of Credit start at 10% APR (yearly rate), and with terms as long as 2 years

Cost to Capital

1.0% – 2.5% on each invoice
Loans cost $0.08 to $0.30 per dollar borrowed


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May adversely effect client relationships

Generally locked into one-year contract

Unknown costs, since it may take a long time for clients to pay

Only an option for B2B or B2G businesses


No need to wait for invoice payment

Based on credit of invoiced business

Your credit score is generally irrelevant

Revolving facility - As long as there's AR, you can get financing

Larger facility grows as your business grows

May be structured as line of credit in many cases

The only collateral you need is your completed invoices

What Do I Need to Qualify?

Aged Account Receivable report
Aged Accounts Payment report
Debt Schedule
One-page Application

In some cases, we may be able to do this as a NO DOC loan, underwriting and funding in minutes
In some cases, this can be done as a LOW DOC line of credit, 7 days from submission to funding
In others, this may be done as a FULL DOC loan, underwriting and funding in 30 days

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