What is Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is an advance on your assumed future sales. Funders may often form partnerships with credit card companies to collect a percentage of each sale, so repayment is not a burden when business is slow. Set payback schedule is available for industries that do not use credit cards.

Merchant cash advance is a quick, easiest way to get capital quickly without need for collateral—with no minimum credit score. It is a quicker alternative to more traditional funding methods. This can allow merchants to sidestep the lengthy approval process of other loan types and leverage their future sales. In fact, it isn’t technically a loan, so therefore the credit score is much less of a factor.

Is It for Me?

Are you in a cash crunch, and need working capital yesterday, do not already have a line of credit established, or your line of credit is not providing enough liquidity?  Then a Merchant Cash Advance is an ideal solution.

Our team of consultants with work with you to find if the Return on Investment for your project justifies the higher cost to capital than you would find at a bank, or if there is another alternative to provide your business with the working capital it needs.  If the ROI is fast enough and lucrative enough, a Merchant Cash Advance is the right solution for many companies.

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Features of Merchant Cash Advance

All loans are not created equal, Merchant Cash Advance has become a great option for people to use.

Maximum Cash In Hand

$5,000 – $2,000,000

Loan Terms

3 – 12 months, with either fixed weekly payments or a fixed percentage of your daily credit card sales

Cost to Capital

17 – 49% of every dollar borrower


It can be as fast as 4 hours


Higher cost of money

Minimal prepayment advantages

You may only qualify for daily ACH payments


Extremely fast - Approvals in 2 hours, a wire could be sent within 4 hours

No minimum credit score

``Low doc`` - Get funded with a 1-page app, 3 months of bank statements, picture ID and voided check

Unsecured, no appraisal or collateral

What Do I Need to Qualify?

3 months of bank statements
(6 months of credit card statements)

LOW DOC funding

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